Project 100 Stats

Infographic Project 100 in Numbers

4 thoughts on “Project 100 Stats

  1. Maxine

    So, just how many miles did you hike? There must be a formula to figure out steps into miles, but I don’t know it. On what did you spend the most money? I was surprised with the $32,000 dollar figure. I didn’t expect it to be that expensive. While you spent the money, I sat back and watched for free . . what a deal!

    1. Christi Post author

      4,323,575 steps works out to be about 2,047 miles! As for the money, we budgeted $36K and so were happy about coming in under budget. And that’s pretty cheap if you think about just what it costs two people to live at home for a year without going anywhere. It was a bargain.

  2. Steve Hindman

    I assume that Alaska and Hawaii were the two missing states. After Baja, you should consider driving the Trans-Alaskan highway through Canada to Alaska.

    1. Christi Post author

      Yep, we missed Alaska and Hawaii. I love your idea about the Trans-Alaskan road trip. Maybe next year?

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