Animals Galore!

Here are some of our favorite photos of creatures we came across in national park sites during Project 100. Do you have a favorite? Comment below with your vote!

15 thoughts on “Animals Galore!

  1. Rebecca Montgomery

    Wow, thank you for sharing! All these creatures are so beautiful (animals galore….love it)!!!!!!

  2. Aunt Betty and Uncle Terry

    Terry remembers asking you how many animals you saw. That is quite a menagerie. This is the first time I saw this page.

    1. Christi Post author

      And we’ve seen quite a few more whose photos didn’t turn out well, along with an assortment of unfortunates that were roadkill. Animals galore!

    1. Christi Post author

      The macro feature is one of the best things about our little point-and-shoot Canon. Especially with the bugs, the camera sees the subject better than our eyes do!

  3. Malana Moberg

    Christi and Hector,
    Wow — I haven’t visited this page in quite a while. The photos are amazing. I so appreciate that every living creature (snails, slugs, bugs, birds etc) are included in your photos. It is always so exciting to see the many unique creatures in their homes as we simply pass by. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Maxine Ferris

    Wow! I’m glad I took another look, so many more pictures and s-o-o-o-o fantastic. The bunnies might be my favorite, but they are all special and unique.

    1. Christi Post author

      I still think some of my favorites are the insects, slugs and snails. They seemed to rather enjoy posing for photographs.

    1. Christi Post author

      Sudamérica – ¡qué excelente idea! Puede ser nuestro próximo reto. ¡Un gran abrazo para ti, Idalia!

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